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Lofoten, a postcard from Norway

The Lofoten islands have become a world-famous destination. Some claim it is the most beautiful place in Norway! It’s hard to disagree as Lofoten offers spectacular landscapes like nowhere else on earth. You will feel like you are in one of the pictures from Norway we often see in travel guides. Read below to discover how you can visit this stunning archipelago.

Explore the Lofoten islands

Sharp mountains rising straight from the sea, white sandy beaches, turquoise Arctic waters, dramatic fjords and idyllic fishing villages: that’s the Lofoten islands in a nutshell! Lofoten is an archipelago of seven main islands, five of which are connected by bridges, located above the Arctic Circle. Lofoten has developed thanks to the production of stockfish and still has a vibrant coastal culture, as evidenced by the wooden drying racks and rorbu (traditional fishermen’s cabins) we can see along the road.

The Lofoten islands are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, climbing or even surfing (at Unstad beach!): there’s something for everyone. Lofoten is also a paradise for photographers as you will find a unique and special light all year round. Lofoten becomes even more magical during the Midnight Sun season from late May to mid-July. As the sun never sets below the horizon, the landscapes are lit up in a beautiful golden colour around midnight. From September to April, you might be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights illuminating the sky.

To get to the Lofoten islands, you can fly to one of the two main towns (Leknes or Svolvær) or take a ferry from Bodø or the Vesterålen islands. You can also follow the E10 from Narvik and continue on one of the 18 National Scenic Routes. Driving in Lofoten between the jagged peaks and open sea is the ultimate road trip! 

Lofoten scenery at winter

The Arctic Route offers a winter route between Levi (Finland) and Svolvær, as well as a new summer route (from 2023) between Tromsø and Svolvær via Senja and Vesterålen and between Narvik and Å (a village near the southern tip of the Lofoten). During the summertime, you can discover Lofoten by bike, boat or on foot! Asking us about the best places in the Lofoten islands is a tough question because the whole archipelago is amazing!

Even if Kilpisjärvi seems quite remote, the services on offer are very good. You will find different types of accommodation, from cottages and glass igloos to hotels and holiday resorts, and many restaurants.

Enjoy Kilpisjärvi in every season

Kilpisjärvi is an outdoors paradise no matter the season. In fact, every season brings a special atmosphere! Visit Kilpisjärvi during summer and see the magical Arctic light during the Midnight Sun period (from mid-May to late July), when the sun never sets below the horizon. Summer is also the time to explore the lakes and rivers. Go kayaking, fishing, biking or hiking… the possibilities are endless! In autumn, Kilpisjärvi is bathed in a beautiful soft light while the leaves of aspens and birch trees turn golden and crimson. This explosion of colours takes place during “ruska” season.

This is Lapland’s best kept secret and the favourite time for Finns to travel north from all over the country. The best time to come and enjoy this fabulous colour show is the two weeks in the middle of September. Then let December come and Kilpisjärvi becomes a winter wonderland. Popular activities include cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing. The area is also one of the best places in Finland to see and photograph the beautiful Northern Lights.

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