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Midnight Sun

Northern Norway is the Land of the Midnight Sun! You can experience this natural phenomenon that occurs during the summer, north of the Arctic Circle, in Northern Norway.

Midnight Sun boat trips are popular here, as well as sightseeing tours on summer nights when the sun never sets in mid-May and July. Check out our Midnight Sun tours here.

Food & Culture

Are you a foodie looking for Nordic gastronomical experiences? Do you enjoy history, museums and unforgettable cultural experiences?

We have dinner cruises, guided tasting tours, food tours, Midnight Sun tours and much more!

Check out our section of food tours in both Lofoten and Tromsø!

Boat & Fjord tours

Known for its spectacular fjords, you can’t visit Norway and miss the chance to go on a fjord tour. Midnight Sun cruises, fishing trips, kayaking and history cruises all provide the opportunity to admire the north Norwegian landscapes and mountains and learn about Norwegian culture and history.

We have boat tours in both Tromsø and in Lofoten and offer you the best fjord cruises in the area.

Hiking & biking

If sporty, outdoorsy and energetic are your middle names, this section is for you! Summer in Northern Norway calls for activities and hikes. Consequently, we offer you several options such as riverboat trips, hiking trips, biking trips or sightseeing by minibus or boat.

We will show you amazing places, beautiful landscapes, the best hiking spots and the most spectacular mountains to hike up in Northern Norway!

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights have fascinated people throughout history and continue to do so. We have developed and produced a series of quality aurora activities for you.

Today, the aurora borealis draws people from all over the world to the Arctic for chases in the hope of seeing this natural phenomenon and taking home a Northern Lights photo.

Whale watching

Generally, in the winter months of November to January, whales can be spotted in the fjords in Troms (orcas and humpback whales mainly).

Whale watching is one of the most popular tours departing from Tromsø and heading to the coastal area where whales have been spotted. Book as soon as possible as this is one of our best sellers. Don’t miss the chance to see these beautiful huge marine mammals.