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Make your northern lights dream come true.

Located 350 km above the Arctic Circle and 70 degrees north, Tromsø is the northernmost student city in the world and is known among travelers for its winter activities and as a northern lights hot spot!


Why is Tromsø one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights?

Due to its stable mild weather and unique location, at the heart of the constant aurora oval, it is the number one recommended city in the world to observe the northern lights!  Tromsø has an airport located on the city’s main island (Tromsøya), with direct flights from many countries such as the UK, Germany, Finland, Poland, and Italy!

This article will explain to you all about our Aurora Safari Camps, our signature northern lights tour.


What is an Aurora Safari Camps tour?

To better see the northern lights, you must get away from the city of Tromsø and its artificial lights. The darker it is around you, the better! In the evening, the tour starts with pick up at Radisson Blu Hotel, in Tromsø city center, at 18:15. We then depart to one of our camps. We have several private camps just for our use, and every evening before the tours, both our guide and the driver check the weather ahead and pick the Aurora Camp with the highest probability of seeing the northern lights that night!

Your guide will welcome you onboard the bus, answer your questions and run a presentation about the northern lights and the trip itself using the onboard screens on the bus on the way out to the Aurora Camp.

Once at camp, you will be welcomed by our local hosts, who will be happy to share local stories and answer your questions. The camps are all locally owned and operated by locals in cooperation with Tromsø Safari.  This way, we bring you close to experiencing the real arctic life and the people living here. There will be toilets available and warm indoor facilities for you to stay comfortable and usually a bonfire outside. You will be served snacks (a traditional Norwegian snack called Lefse – a sweet cake) and hot drinks (coffee, tea and hot chocolate) – these are all included in your ticket!

You can also pre-order a meal if you wish (ordered when you book yourself, as an add-on – this meal is a warm and filling soup or a stew – vegetarian options available).

 As you will spend considerable time outside (optional), warm clothes and good shoes are essential.  We offer warm winter suits for you to use free of charge, but we still recommend that you dress warmly for a true arctic winter adventure.  A warm hat, gloves/mittens and good socks/shoes are essential to staying warm and comfortable.

If you want, you can also read about how to photograph the northern lights!

What kind of other tours are there to see the Northern Lights?

The offer is very extensive, for all ages and interests. You can go on a snowmobile tour in the evening away from the city lights, with the possibility to see the northern lights. You can also choose overnight in a panoramic hut, or a boat tour in the evening, with chances of seeing the northern lights, departing from the city center of Tromsø, with dinner included.

Maybe a mix between a reindeer sledding with northern lights (if you are lucky) sounds better?  Or even book a private aurora hunt just for you and your friends/ family; the choice is yours!

You can have a look into all the northern lights tours we offer in Tromsø!

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