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Top 10 things to do in Northern Norway this summer

Welcome to Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets during summer. The Midnight Sun will recharge your energy and get you ready to go on summer adventures. Planning to visit this summer? Gain inspiration by reading of our tips of the 10 best things to do!

1. Go on a Midnight Sun cruise around the fjords

What better way to enjoy the Midnight Sun than from a boat? Cruise along the beautiful fjords of the Tromsø region and discover the Norwegian landscapes in a different light: choose from a sailing boat or a rigid inflatable boat (RIB). If you’re lucky, you may even spot some seals or eagles. 

2. Go for a Midnight Swim

Do like locals and chill at the beach past midnight! Grab your friends, find yourself a good spot, bring some drinks and grill some sausages! If you’re not afraid of chilly summer nights, take a dip in the refreshing sea or try stand-up paddleboarding. You will see, Northern Norway offers heaps of white sandy beaches for memorable evenings.


3. Go on a kayaking session

Have you ever tried sea kayaking? If not (and even if!), Northern Norway offers top spots to paddle around in gorgeous summer scenery.

The water can be cold, and the sea rough, so it’s best to go with a local guide who knows where the conditions are best.

Join a kayaking trip in magical Sommarøy, “the summer island”, only an hour or so away from Tromsø. It’s worth noting that to rent a kayak in Norway you need a “wet card” to confirm that you have the skills to safely kayak in Norwegian waters. If you pass our two-day course in the emerald waters of Senja Island, you will obtain it!

4. Hike to the best places to see the Midnight Sun

If the Midnight Sun keeps you awake, then put on your hiking boots and go on a hike all night long! There are countless hiking paths in the Tromsø, Lyngenfjord and Lofoten regions. The views are even more amazing in the golden rays of the Midnight Sun… If you know where to go. For the more adventurous ones, take part in the Midnight Sun Marathon or the Tromsø Mountain Challenge.


5. Enjoy music at a summer festival

The Midnight Sun is the perfect excuse to stay out all night, so why not spend it at a festival? Tromsø and the surrounding region are overflowing with events during summer!

The most famous is probably Riddu Riddu, the International Indigenous Music Festival. Rock, local drinks and seafood, anyone? Then grab your friends and party at Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival. You may also be interested in Tromsø Jazz Festival or Raketnatt Music and Arts Festival.


6. Try Arctic Summer Food

If you’re visiting Northern Norway during summer, you can’t leave without trying the unique berries that grow here. Cloudberries are a local favourite, but they are a hidden treasure. Luckily, we have our secret spots (but don’t tell anyone!). 

Learn more about the importance of codfish in Northern Norway by joining a tour at Full Steam in downtown Tromsø and tasting some delicacies (real cod caviar, cod skin snacks and cod liver oil). 


7. Do like locals and go fishing

Norwegians love fishing! Try their favourite hobby while navigating through the stunning fjords of Tromsø and taste your own catch of the day. Or see if the fish are biting on a sailing trip to Skrova, the “Hawaii of Lofoten”.


8. Go biking under the Midnight Sun

Northern Norway is a 24-hour playground in summer and another good way to experience it is by going cycling. Join us in Senja for a trip of a lifetime: e-bike under the Midnight Sun and take in the jaw-dropping scenery of Norway’s second-largest island. If you’re more of a city person, meet us in Tromsø and have fun discovering the city’s highlights by e-bike.


9. Cool down at the Magic Ice Bar!

Is the Arctic summer too hot for you? Then get a taste of the Arctic winter at the Magic Ice Bar in downtown Tromsø! Sip a welcome drink served in an ice glass while enjoying the magical atmosphere in the art gallery exhibition made of tonnes of crystal-clear ice.


10. Connect with nature

Get a sense of the Norwegian way of life and experience authentic outdoor life. Norwegians love spending time in nature, and research has even proven that exploring the outdoors makes you happier.

Summer is the perfect time to spend a night in a cosy cabin or go camping in Northern Norway. So come and enjoy the best of the Arctic summer outdoor activities!


Summer 2024: Top activities in Northern Norway, the land of the midnight sun

Summer 2024: Top activities in Northern Norway, the land of the midnight sun

Experience the enchanting phenomenon of the midnight sun, a natural wonder exclusive to the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets during the summer months. This celestial occurrence transforms the landscapes of Tromsø and Lofoten into a magical realm of endless daylight, offering you an opportunity to explore the majestic beauty of Norway like never before.

Traveling to Tromsø and Lofoten this summer 2024: International Flights

Traveling to Tromsø and Lofoten this summer 2024: International Flights

As the summer of 2024 approaches, the enchanting landscapes of Northern Norway beckon travelers to embark on an unforgettable journey to Tromsø and Lofoten. These destinations, renowned for their breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant cultural scenes, and unique wildlife, stand out as must-visit locations.
With the increasing availability of flights to Tromsø in summer and routes extending to the magical archipelago of Lofoten, exploring these northern gems has never been easier. This surge in connectivity not only promises convenience but also opens up new possibilities for adventure and exploration in the heart of the Arctic.

Traveling between Lofoten and Evenes Airport – Airport Transfer with Arctic Route

Traveling between Lofoten and Evenes Airport – Airport Transfer with Arctic Route

Navigating the scenic route between the breathtaking Lofoten Islands and Evenes Airport, in Norway, is an essential part of any Arctic adventure. With the Arctic Route offering a seamless Airport Transfer service, your journey through this stunning landscape is not just a means to an end but an integral part of the experience. Discover Northern Norway with us!