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Best Arctic is Eco-Lighthouse certified – but what does this mean?

There's a rising tide of environmental consciousness sweeping across the globe. It's a call to action for businesses to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to the protection of our planet. One such initiative that is helping businesses navigate this path towards sustainability is the Eco-Lighthouse certification. Best Arctic, a leading name in the tourism industry in Tromsø, is proud to be a part of this green revolution, holding the coveted Eco-Lighthouse certification.

Understanding the Eco-Lighthouse Certification

Eco-Lighthouse (or “Miljøfyrtårn” in Norwegian) is a nationally recognized environmental management certification scheme, that originated in Norway. It is committed to helping organizations improve their environmental performance, control their environmental impact, and showcase their commitment to social responsibility.

The history of Eco-Lighthouse

The journey of the Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme started as a local project in Kristiansand, Norway, back in 1996. By 2000, it had expanded to a national level, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. In 2004, the non-profit Eco-Lighthouse Foundation was established, and since 2006, the Foundation has been self-sustaining.

The certification scheme has evolved significantly over the years. It initially focused on certifying small and medium-sized businesses, but today, it offers industry-specific criteria that apply to most enterprises, making it the best-known certification system for companies in Norway seeking to document their environmental efforts.

The significance of Eco-Lighthouse certification

Being Eco-Lighthouse certified equals full compliance with the Norwegian Regulations relating to Systematic Health, Environmental, and Safety Activities in enterprises (Internal Control Regulations), as well as the relevant environmental regulations about the enterprise.

Best Arctic's commitment to sustainability

Best Arctic, along with its subsidiary companies, is committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. The company adheres to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s definition of Responsible Tourism, which emphasizes the need for tourism to take full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Best Arctic’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its Eco-Lighthouse certification, which underscores its dedication to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

Read our Sustainability Report from 2022 here. The same report regarding the year of 2023 will be shared after June 2024.

The Eco-Lighthouse certification process

The process of becoming an Eco-Lighthouse-certified organization involves rigorous compliance with high standards and requirements, as well as the implementation of environmental measures on a systematic and ongoing basis.

Certification verification

Once the organization has confirmed that it meets all the relevant industry criteria, the certification is carried out. This is done by a certifier, who is also trained, approved, and monitored by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. The certifier checks if the organization has met all the industry criteria required for certification.

Continuous environmental reporting

Organizations must also complete a detailed annual Climate and Environmental report, which includes relevant environmental statistics and descriptions of implemented environmental actions from the past year, as well as plans for the coming year.

EU recognition

The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation is the first national certification scheme in Europe to be recognized by the European Commission. This recognition verifies that the scheme meets standards and quality on par with international eco-labeling schemes such as EMAS and ISO 14001.

Best Arctic: An Eco-Lighthouse certified organization

As an Eco-Lighthouse certified organization, Best Arctic is proud to be a part of Norway’s move towards a greener, more sustainable future. The company is dedicated to following the principles of sustainable tourism, ensuring that its operations have a minimal impact on the environment.

The benefits of being Eco-Lighthouse certified

Being Eco-Lighthouse certified brings numerous benefits to organizations. It not only enhances its reputation as a socially responsible organization but also leads to cost reductions due to better waste management and increased environmental consciousness among employees.

Best Arctic’s Eco-Lighthouse certification is a testament to its commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. It’s a shining beacon, leading the way for other organizations as they navigate their path toward a more sustainable future.

As more organizations join the ranks of Eco-Lighthouse certified entities, we move closer to a world where every enterprise operates with an awareness of its environmental impact and a commitment to sustainability. The future looks bright, and it’s green.

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