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Lyngen Snowmobile Safari: A snowscooter adventure

Have you ever imagined slicing through the crisp, Arctic air, embracing the rush of winter against your face as you maneuver a snow scooter through a white-cloaked wonderland? Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Lyngen Snowmobile Safari tour, where the snow-covered peaks of Northern Norway beckon adventurers eager to experience winter sports like never before. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Lyngen Alps, this snow scooter adventure offers you an extraordinary way to connect with the surroundings of Tromsø's pristine natural beauty.

Tailoring your snowy expedition

Lyngen Snowmobile Safari with Giorgos Kournoutis

As you contemplate this full-day escapade, whether you’re sharing the snowmobile as a duo, with one driving the snowmobile and the other soaking in the panoramic vistas, or commanding a snow scooter solo, our Lyngen Snowmobile Safari experience promises to ignite your Arctic spirit.

With tours operational from December to the end of March and accommodating both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, a well-planned booking guarantees your spot in this winter exploits. Get ready to don the provided safety gear and join a knowledgeable guide in Tromsø’s Northern Norway, who not only ensures your safe passage but also enriches your journey by showing you untouched wilderness.

Experience the majestic Lyngen Alps on a snowmobile safari

Lyngen Snowmobile Safari

Your journey starts from Tromsø, beginning with more than just the ride; it’s a voyage that starts with a scenic bus from Tromsø towards Breivikeidet and once there, ferry fjord crossing to the other side. Once ashore, and with your heart possibly racing in anticipation, you’re fitted with a thermal winter suit and all the necessary gear to ensure your comfort and safety during this escapade into the wild.

The snowmobile trails, carefully curated and approved for gentle journeying, beckon you to explore, leading you to the magic of this unique snow scooter encounter. The driver needs to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. But fear not if you aren’t licensed to drive; the thrill of being a passenger is as electrifying as being at the helm, promising unobstructed views of the staggering landscape that engulfs you.

Your knowledgeable English-speaking guide ensures that not only are you driving safely but also that every moment is imbued with the rich stories and heritage that these Alps guard. Whether speeding across the frostbitten ground or pausing at one of the selected viewpoints to capture that perfect snapshot, the Lyngen Snowmobile Safari is a wonder-filled blend of exhilaration and serenity. And what could top such a day? By the end of your tour, you’re treated to a homemade warm soup, a perfect finale to your Arctic snow scooter adventure.

What is included in the snowmobile safari package?

Your snowmobile safari package includes round-trip transportation from Tromsø, all necessary safety gear such as helmets, warm overalls, and boots, as well as a meal after the snowmobile drive to satiate your hunger after a thrilling ride. Furthermore, you’ll receive a full training session before setting out, along with the services of an English-speaking guide to enrich your tour. Anticipate spending approximately 1,15 to 1,5 hours on the snowmobile and the full tour, including transport and lunch, takes up to 7 hours in total. For more details on what’s included, you can check out Lyngen Snowmobile Safari.

Do I meet the prerequisites for joining the snowmobile safari?

To take part in this snow scooter adventure, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving license if you’re planning to drive. Please also be mindful of the weight limitations specified. It’s essential to equip yourself with warm layers, so remember to bring thermal underwear, socks, and a hat for those moments when you’re not moving. For a detailed list of what to wear in the Arctic, check our blog article here.

How long will I be out on the snowmobile safari?

Lyngen Snowmobile

The total tour will span approximately 7 hours, including the transport from and back to Tromsø, the ferry trip and the time driving the snowmobile. The driving time on the snowmobile is between 1,15 to 1,5 hours.

Are there certain conditions that might prevent me from participating?

Indeed, safety comes first on the Lyngen Snowmobile Safari. Those with medical conditions affecting the muscles and skeleton, heart and respiratory issues, recent surgeries, or women who are pregnant are advised against participating. In addition, it’s crucial not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during this experience. Children need to be at least 6 years old due to safety and comfort reasons.

In the event I can't make it, what's the cancellation policy?

It’s vital to keep in mind that any cancellations made 48 hours before the tour starts will render you responsible for the full cost. However, if you cancel ahead of time (up to 48 hours before the tour), your deposit will be refunded in full. Always best to review your specific tour’s cancellation policy ahead of time for peace of mind.

In conclusion, the Lyngen Snowmobile Safari fills you with an adrenaline rush of manoeuvring a snow scooter across Northern Norway’s exquisite terrain. We delved into the thrill of traversing the Lyngen Alps, binding the breathtaking scenery with the warmth of local hospitality and an array of unforgettable moments.

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