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The top 5 summer activities in Northern Norway

Have you always dreamt of visiting Northern Norway in the summer and experiencing the Midnight Sun? If you follow your dream, we have many ideas of what you can do here.


Kayaks on white sand beach in Northern Norway

When visiting Northern Norway, we highly recommend sea kayaking! This is a very popular activity in the summer and allows you to explore places that are otherwise difficult to get to.
The Midnight Sun makes it even more beautiful! You will see the changing light of the Arctic nights. The photo opportunities are endless!
Choose from the many tours that we have all around Northern Norway:

Evening Kayaking from Svolvær
3 Hour Kayak tour in Reinefjorden
Sea Kayaking in Svolvær

Half-day guided kayaking tour in Sommarøy
Midnight Sun – Evening Kayak Tour in Senja


woman reading her book in a catamaran in the middle of a norwegian fjord

Discover the most untouched nature by sailing through magnificent fjords and get the best views of Northern Norwegian nature. The rugged mountains and sandy beaches offer a perfect location for nature lovers looking for a change of scenery.


For instance, you can sail to Trollfjord, which is usually only accessible via a 10 km hike, but with our Arctic Sail Safari to Trollfjord you get to see it too! It’s a beautiful and remote gem that is a must during your stay in Northern Norway!


If you are visiting Tromsø this summer, don’t miss our Arctic Summer Sailing Safari, which takes you aboard a comfortable catamaran on the waters surrounding Tromsø.

It’s such an unexpected way to see this part of the country. As a bonus, it’s a very intimate experience as the maximum number of guests on this boat is limited to 12.


Lofoten Beach

Camping can almost be regarded as a national sport in Norway! If you want to camp north of the Arctic Circle, pack your tent and join us in Northern Norway to make incredible memories!

The “right to roam”, enshrined in the Norwegian Outdoor Recreation Act, means you can camp anywhere on uncultivated land.  Keep in mind that you must be at least 150 m from the nearest inhabited house or cabin. Always respect nature by not leaving any rubbish and not disturbing the wildlife.

You can reach beautiful destinations to camp in via our new Arctic Route summer bus routes. These scenic routes Tromsø-Lofoten-Tromsø and Narvik-Lofoten-Narvik are perfect for those looking for a stress-free and flexible way to travel around this summer (operates from 15 June to 14 August).

One of the most popular spots to camp in the area is the Lofoten Beach Camp at the Flakstad stop along the Narvik-Lofoten-Narvik route.



This is not for the faint-hearted! If you are not scared of the cold, we highly recommend going swimming or surfing in Northern Norway. Be warned, the clear waters and white sandy beaches don’t mean the water temperature will be 29 °C like in the Caribbean. On the contrary, the warmest you can expect is 14 °C.

One of the most beautiful beaches is located at Ersfjord, which you can reach on our daily scenic summer bus route Tromsø-Lofoten-Tromsø (operates from 15 June to 14 August).

Whale Watching

whale watching

If seeing whales is on your bucket list, don’t miss out on this opportunity! We can make it happen for you this summer with our whale watching tours!

You can either go from Svolvær (which you can reach via our routes Tromsø-Lofoten-Tromsø and Narvik-Lofoten-Narvik) or, if you are staying in Tromsø, you can join our whale watching from Tromsø, we even have a tour including accommodation from Tromsø to make easier for you!

We hope these ideas were helpful! Book your trip to Northern Norway today and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Summer 2024: Top activities in Northern Norway, the land of the midnight sun

Summer 2024: Top activities in Northern Norway, the land of the midnight sun

Experience the enchanting phenomenon of the midnight sun, a natural wonder exclusive to the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets during the summer months. This celestial occurrence transforms the landscapes of Tromsø and Lofoten into a magical realm of endless daylight, offering you an opportunity to explore the majestic beauty of Norway like never before.

Traveling to Tromsø and Lofoten this summer 2024: International Flights

Traveling to Tromsø and Lofoten this summer 2024: International Flights

As the summer of 2024 approaches, the enchanting landscapes of Northern Norway beckon travelers to embark on an unforgettable journey to Tromsø and Lofoten. These destinations, renowned for their breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant cultural scenes, and unique wildlife, stand out as must-visit locations.
With the increasing availability of flights to Tromsø in summer and routes extending to the magical archipelago of Lofoten, exploring these northern gems has never been easier. This surge in connectivity not only promises convenience but also opens up new possibilities for adventure and exploration in the heart of the Arctic.

Traveling between Lofoten and Evenes Airport – Airport Transfer with Arctic Route

Traveling between Lofoten and Evenes Airport – Airport Transfer with Arctic Route

Navigating the scenic route between the breathtaking Lofoten Islands and Evenes Airport, in Norway, is an essential part of any Arctic adventure. With the Arctic Route offering a seamless Airport Transfer service, your journey through this stunning landscape is not just a means to an end but an integral part of the experience. Discover Northern Norway with us!