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What to do in Lofoten during Summer 2024

Discovering what to do in Lofoten this summer 2024 is the key to unlocking an unforgettable Norwegian adventure. From the picturesque beauty of the Lofoten Islands to immersive experiences like kayaking, whale watching in Andenes, and exploring the Viking museum, Lofoten beckons with open arms.

This guide offers essential travel tips, ranging from how to reach Lofoten via the Arctic Route bus from Tromsø, Narvik or Evenes Airport to Svolvær, to selecting the perfect sightseeing tours. It’s designed to ensure your journey through Norway’s majestic landscapes is both exhilarating and seamless.

Best time to visit Lofoten

Visiting Lofoten during the summer months, particularly from mid-June to mid-August, offers the best weather and the magical midnight sun, providing 24 hours of daylight. This period allows for extended outdoor activities without the need for artificial lighting.

However, be aware that this is also the high season, resulting in larger crowds and higher prices for accommodation and car rentals. Booking early can help mitigate costs and ensure availability.

Avoid the stress of renting a car to travel to Lofoten:

the arctic route summer

How to travel to Lofoten this summer from Narvik, Tromsø or Evenes Airport

Travelling to the stunning Lofoten Islands this summer 2024 can be an exhilarating experience, especially when you know the most efficient routes.

Whether you’re flying into Narvik, Tromsø, or Evenes Airport, the Arctic Route Airport Transfer summer bus is available to ensure a seamless journey to the heart of Norway’s breathtaking landscapes (Svolvær or even Kabelvåg), between 15th of June and the 31st of August.

From Narvik to Lofoten

The Arctic Route summer bus route between Narvik and Lofoten (Svolvær) offers a direct connection between Narvik’s train station to Svolvær during the summer months (15th June – 31st August). Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Arctic landscapes with comfortable amenities like Wi-Fi and onboard restrooms.

From Tromsø to Lofoten

The Arctic Route summer bus route between Tromsø and Svolvær operates between June 15 and August 31 and not only offers breathtaking views but also includes photo stops and ferry crossings in the ticket price.

The journey takes approximately 13 hours but is filled with stunning landscapes to admire along the way.

From Evenes Airport to Lofoten

Eurowings Discover Airline flights: Starting summer 2024, enjoy direct flights from Frankfurt to Evenes Airport with connections to Lofoten. The flights are scheduled twice a week, ensuring convenience for international travellers.

The flight schedules for arrival or departures are coordinated with the Arctic Route bus between Lofoten, Narvik, and Evenes Airport so that you travel from these destinations to Evenes to catch your flight on time or, once you fly to Evenes, take the Arctic Route bus towards Narvik or Lofoten (the bus will be there waiting for you).

This offers you a seamless transfer from Evenes to various parts of Lofoten, making it easy to start your adventure as soon as you land.

Remember to book your tickets in advance and prepare for the weather, ensuring a comfortable and memorable trip to one of Norway’s most iconic destinations.

Top 5 must-visit destinations in Lofoten

Small town made of red houses in the middle of a fjord with green mountains

Exploring the hidden gem: Nusfjord

Nusfjord, one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages in Lofoten, offers a unique glimpse into Norway’s seafaring heritage. The village itself, set against a backdrop of steep mountains and deep waters, is like stepping into a living museum.

Engage with the local culture by dining at Restaurant Karoline, where dishes are prepared with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

We offer a full-day trip from Svolvær with our Explore Nusfjord, from Svolvær, with Arctic Route.

Exploring the picturesque fishing village of Reine

Reine, known for its dramatic scenery and traditional red rorbuer (once before, fishing cabins), is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Lofoten. This village not only provides stunning views from the Reinebringen hike but also offers a chance to explore the waters by kayak.

Staying in a waterfront rorbu here provides unparalleled views of the surrounding archipelago, making it a perfect spot for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Visit Reine with our daily Best of Lofoten in 1 day tour, by hop-on/hop-off bus, between 15th June and 31st August.

Unforgettable hikes: From Reinebringen to Tjeldbergodden

The Lofoten Islands are a hiker’s paradise, offering routes like the well-known Reinebringen, which provides panoramic views of the surrounding islands and waters. For those seeking less crowded paths, Tjeldbergodden offers equally breathtaking scenery.

These hikes are accessible during the magical midnight sun season, allowing for extended daylight hiking adventures.

Read more here about the best spots to hike in Lofoten.

Kayaking in the tranquil waters of Lofoten

Kayaking in Lofoten allows for an up-close experience with the archipelago’s serene bays and remote beaches. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, guided tours are available to suit all levels.

Paddling through these waters, you might spot local wildlife, including sea eagles and various marine life, making for a truly immersive nature experience.

Check out our Kayak Tour in Svolvær and experience it.

Wildlife and whale watching tours

Embark on a whale-watching tour from Svolvær to Andenes, where the proximity to deep waters increases your chances of encountering these majestic creatures.

The tours often include educational visits to local centers like the Whale Centre, enhancing your understanding of the area’s marine biology and conservation efforts.

Check here our whale watching tour from Svolvær to Andenes, and see the whales this summer from Lofoten!

Cultural immersion in Lofoten's viking history

The Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg is an essential visit for history enthusiasts. Participate in a Viking feast, explore the historical longhouse, and learn about the Vikings’ way of life through interactive exhibits and authentic reconstructions.

This immersive experience is both educational and entertaining, providing a deeper connection to the region’s ancient past. Check it here and book your entrance ticket.

Adventurous activities to enjoy

Kayak in Vesteralen

Surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding in arctic waters

Embrace the thrill of surfing, kayaking and paddle boarding in the Arctic waters of Lofoten. Whether you’re a beginner taking lessons from the northernmost surf school in the world or an experienced surfer looking for challenging waves, Lofoten’s beaches offer an exhilarating experience.

The cold waters are invigorating, and the surrounding landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for water sports.

We offer our Kayak tour in Svolvær, from the 1st of June to the end of September.

Sailing and cruising: A unique perspective of the fjords

Experience the majestic fjords of Lofoten from a unique vantage point by engaging in sailing or cruising. Navigate through the intricate waterways and get up close to the dramatic coastlines and secluded bays.

Sailing in Lofoten not only offers a peaceful escape but also allows you to witness the diverse marine life and pristine natural environments from a different perspective.

We offer you several options and boat types of tours from Svolvær, such as our Sea Eagle Safari from Svolvær to Trollfjorden on an open Rigid Inflatable Boat, our Silent Trollfjord Cruise onboard a hybrid-electric boat or our Hurtigruten Cruise into Trollfjord, with bus transport from Svolvær to Stockmarknes with the Arctic Route buses and with the Hurtigruten ship on the way back.

Embarking on a journey to Lofoten in the summer of 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the heart of Norway’s natural beauty and vibrant cultural heritage. From the serene kayaking experiences in its tranquil waters to the exhilarating hikes across its dramatic landscapes, Lofoten offers an array of activities that cater to adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike.

The exploration of historic fishing villages like Nusfjord and Reine not only connects one with the island’s maritime legacy but also with a community that maintains its traditional ways in the face of modernity.

As visitors navigate through the majestic fjords, partake in authentic Viking feasts, or simply soak in the midnight sun, the importance of preserving such unique experiences becomes evident. 

Lofoten’s allure, encapsulated in its wildlife, historical sites, and robust outdoor activities, is a testament to the rich tapestry of experiences that await those willing to explore its shores, offering memories that linger long after the journey ends.

What to do in Lofoten during Summer 2024

What to do in Lofoten during Summer 2024

Discovering what to do in Lofoten this summer 2024 is the key to unlocking an unforgettable Norwegian adventure. From the picturesque beauty of the Lofoten Islands to immersive experiences like kayaking, whale watching in Andenes, and exploring the Viking museum, Lofoten beckons with open arms.

What to do in Tromsø during May

What to do in Tromsø during May

Tromsø, known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” awaits your exploration during the vibrant month of May, offering a unique blend of cultural and outdoor activities. From embarking on boat tours to experience the Arctic fjords, ascending the mountain via the cable car for breathtaking views, to immersing yourself in local history and culture at the Polaria and Polar museum, your visit to Tromsø is guaranteed to be memorable.

The history behind the Arctic Route

The history behind the Arctic Route

Embarking on the Arctic Route opens a gateway from the magnificent beauty of Tromsø, Norway, and beyond to the stunning landscapes of Northern Norway and Finland. This travel service/ hop-on/hop-off bus, born in 2016 from the collaboration of Bussring, Best Arctic, Innovation Norway, Eskelisen Lapin Linjat, and VY, aims to provide you with an eco-friendly journey across the Arctic, underpinned by a commitment to environmental stewardship, boasting features like Ecolighthouse certification and ISO 14001 standards. It connects Tromsø with destinations like Lyngen, Narvik, Skjervøy, Storslett, and further to Rovaniemi in Finland, during winter. During summer, the Arctic Route connects Tromsø with Lofoten, Narvik (and Evenes Airport) with Lofoten, and within Lofoten, with several bus stops. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, easing travel stress, and fostering local tourism by making remote locations accessible.