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Aurora Safari Camps – Review by Joshua Nueva

Joshua Nueva is an adventure photographer and videographer based in Ireland. He visited us in Tromsø and tried our Aurora Safari Camp tour. Read his review here.

“One of the only things I wanted to see on my trip to Tromsø was the Northern Lights. 

Tromsø is a fantastic city, but it was made even better and more memorable with an Aurora Safari Camp tour. I found Best Arctic and checked their northern lights chase tours in Tromsø, to find the best possible opportunity to see the northern lights dancing.

We did the tour in March 2022, where we met our guide for that evening, at 18:15 at their hospitality desk, inside Radisson Blu Hotel, in Tromsø city center.

They took us to the best possible location to see the lights. The guides taught us how to take pictures (they also take photos and portraits of the guests, these are available for free, at their website, on the day after the tour) and also taught us the science behind the northern lights.  

I was impressed by the guides knowledge and hospitality! One of them taught me quite a few things in relation to chasing the aurora and to look out for gasps in the cloud cover. I learned a lot about the science of the aurora, how it works, why it happens etc!


It was such a fun experience to watch the lights above our cabin (and they also had endless hot chocolates, tea and coffees for us!!). 

I’ll be back to Tromsø 100% to fall in love with the city all over again.”


TOP 10 – Best things to do in Northern Norway this summer

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Tromsø Safari is now Best Arctic!

Tromsø Safari is now Best Arctic!

We are proud to announce that we rebranded to Best Arctic and have launched a new website.