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A review of Best Arctic’s tours in Norway by Monamie, vlogger & blogger

The blogger and vlogger Monamie, author of the blog, tried many of the tours of Best Arctic (dog sledding, snowmobile, northern lights,...). This is her review.

Finally, we had the chance to go on a trip to Tromsø and it wouldn’t be the same without Best Arctic! They helped us plan all of our “bucket list” experiences in the snow and we couldn’t have been more happy.

Northern Lights with Best Arctic

Our first tour with Best Arctic had to be chasing the Northern lights! We were very excited to finally see some proper Aurora and had decided we would do everything in our power to make it happen. Lucky us, Best Arctic has many Northern lights tours to choose from. We went on their Aurora Safari Camp and on the Aurora Safari Minibus tours. I can’t say which one was my favorite since they are both so different.

On the Aurora Safari Camp you are taken by bus to an indoor space, like a house, a bit outside the city center and away from all the city light pollution, where you can stay nice and warm while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear in the sky. This was great since, as you can imagine, it is really cold in Tromsø during the winter and waiting outside in the dark is not the most pleasant thing. So we cozied up, ate some Norwegian food and made some friends until the guide came in and let us know that the Northern Lights were happening. We then quickly and excitedly ran outside to see the show in the sky, which by the way, was incredible! The whole sky was green for hours. Definitely the biggest Aurora I have ever seen.

On the Aurora Safari Minibus they drive you around on a small bus to the best spots to see the northern lights. They literally chase the lights with the bus! That day the weather was miserable. The sky was completely full of clouds and it was raining. We were sure we wouldn’t see any Northern Lights. Fortunately, Best Arctic team wasn’t ready to give up and decided to drive 3 hours to the Finish border where the weather was better, just for us to have the opportunity to see the lights.

As soon as we arrived, the sky opened up and a massive Aurora started to dance in the sky. The guides made a fire, gave us some sandwiches, and we stayed there for more than one hour looking at the sky. It was amazing!

Dog sledding with Best Arctic

Tromsø is not only about the Northern lights, and we had a couple other winter activities on our list. One which I was very excited for was, Dog sledding!

After a one hour bus trip through incredible snowy landscapes, we arrived at a Husky farm and we could instantly hear the dogs. They were so excited to see us because they knew that meant we were all going for a ride, and let me tell you, these dogs really love to run through the mountains pulling the sledge.

The guides gave us some warm clothes, gave each couple a sledge, explained how to drive it, and off we went! I was smiling the whole time!

When we came back to the farm we had some time to cuddle the dogs and then had a warm meal inside a little wooden house.

Snowmobile with Best Arctic

Our last experience with Best Arctic was probably the one my boyfriend was more excited to. We could not leave Tromsø without trying to go on a Snowmobile adventure. I knew I was in for a crazy ride. After getting all equipped with clothes, boots and helmets we sat on our snowmobile and drove to the breathtaking mountains ahead. Of course my boyfriend took every opportunity to go as fast as he could, which ended up being a lot of fun for both of us. Midway we could change and it was my turn to drive. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! At the end we had a delicious meal and even got to see some moose who casually passed by the restaurant. Really recommend the experience!

All in all it was a great experience that made us sure we would come back to Tromsø to try all the other tours we did not have time to try. 

Review text written by Monamie
Travel blogger & vlogger from


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