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Best Arctic delivers high-quality, Varde-certified tours in Northern Norway

Best Arctic has been certified with the Varde Experience Quality label. But what does this mean? What is Varde? Find out about our most recent certification for our tours and activities and why you should choose Best Arctic when traveling to Northern Norway!

What is Varde?

Varde is a Norwegian national brand that, after careful evaluation and reporting to the company, certifies tourism experiences as high quality. Like equivalent European quality systems and standards, Varde goes through the entire customer journey for the product/activity/tour that the company wishes to certify as a “mystery guest”.

Varde evaluates the following elements during this evaluation process: online orders, the company’s website, meeting point, and transport, staff, clothing and equipment, animals and the environment, storytelling and dramaturgy, food and drinks, communication, and safety.

The company then receives a full report with detailed scores on a scale of 1 – 5 for the full experience. If the company receives 3 Varde points or higher, the product/activity/tour is certified as being of high quality. The company can also make further improvements to the product/activity/tour based on the feedback in the report.

This process will result in higher quality products/activities/tours, encourage best practices, improve the guests’ expectations, increase profitability for the company through offering higher quality tours to our guests (value for money), and stimulate investment in quality development of our products and services.

Varde certification and Best Arctic

The tours that were evaluated through this process were our Aurora Safari Camps, Aurora Safari Minibus, Dog Sledding at Breivikeidet (morning and afternoon tour), Lyngen Snowmobile Safari, and Husky Safari.

All these tours were approved with the Varde high-quality guarantee certification.

This is exactly what Best Arctic aims for – offering high-quality services that match or exceed our guest’s expectations, giving us the opportunity to improve our quality and make changes so we can always deliver safe, wonderful, educational, and interesting life-changing experiences.

What are the differences between an Aurora Safari Minibus and an Aurora Safari Camp tour, with Best Arctic?

What are the differences between an Aurora Safari Minibus and an Aurora Safari Camp tour, with Best Arctic?

Best Arctic, one of Tromsø’s most respected tourism companies, is renowned for its breathtaking Northern Lights adventures. We offer two distinct experiences to witness the celestial spectacle of the Aurora Borealis: The Aurora Safari Camp and the Aurora Safari Minibus tours. While both options promise an enchanting encounter with the Northern Lights, they offer unique aspects that cater to different traveler preferences.

Best Arctic: Pioneering environmental sustainability with ISO 14001

Best Arctic: Pioneering environmental sustainability with ISO 14001

Located in the heart of Tromsø, Norway, Best Arctic is a tourism company dedicated to offering life-changing experiences to tourists from all around the world but also promoting environmental sustainability. In line with this commitment, Best Arctic has acquired the prestigious ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to environmental management and sustainability.

What to do in 1 day in Tromsø during winter time

What to do in 1 day in Tromsø during winter time

Are you a cruise traveler and your itinerary includes a stopover at Tromsø? Or maybe you are passing by Tromsø on your way and you are asking yourself: “What to do in Tromsø for a day?”. This guide is for you. In this post, we’ve curated an exciting list of tours, activities, and experiences you can indulge in during your brief stay in Tromsø.