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Bodø, the European Capital of Culture 2024

In a groundbreaking achievement, Bodø, a city in Northern Norway, has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2024. This prestigious title is a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage and its commitment to fostering artistic expression. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Bodø 2024, how to get there, what to do during the summertime, and what to explore in the surroundings. The Arctic Route will bring you even further away. Explore Northern Norway this summer in a cultural way!

A glimpse of Bodø - European Capital of Culture 2024

Located in the mesmerizing Nordland county, Bodø is a city that seamlessly blends natural splendor with captivating cultural experiences. With a population of less than 50.000, Bodø is a small yet significant hub in northern Norway. As the first city in the Arctic Circle to be named the European Capital of Culture, Bodø is set to host a year-long cultural extravaganza in 2024.

The city serves as a gateway to the stunning Lofoten Islands via the ferry, and this summer the Arctic Route summer buses will make it more easily accessible to travel by.

How to get to Bodø and practical information

Traveling to Bodø is a breeze: The city is served by Bodø Airport, which offers frequent domestic and international flights. Travelers can also reach Bodø by train via the scenic Nordland railway, which winds its way through Norway’s stunning landscapes.

Exploring Bodø and beyond: A world of wonders

While Bodø 2024 takes center stage, the city and its surroundings offer a myriad of attractions that are worth exploring. On the other side of the sea, lies the breathtaking Lofoten Islands, often hailed as the most beautiful part of Northern Norway. To reach this stunning archipelago, travelers can embark on the Bodø-Moskenes ferry, a scenic journey that provides a glimpse into the region’s untamed beauty.

Once in Lofoten, the Arctic Route offers a convenient way to explore the wonders of Northern Norway. This hop-on-hop-off bus service connects the Lofoten Islands with Vesterålen, Senja, and Tromsø, allowing travelers to experience the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of the region.

Traveling through the Arctic Route

Bodø 2024
The Arctic Route is a convenient network of bus routes that connect the most picturesque locations in northern Norway. During the summer season, from June 1st to August 31st, the Arctic Route offers two main bus routes: between Tromsø and Lofoten and between Lofoten and Narvik. The Arctic Route summer buses provide a seamless travel experience, allowing tourists to explore the breathtaking landscapes of northern Norway at their own pace. Choose between daily tickets or 4, 7 or 10-day travel passes.

Ferry ride from Bodø to the Lofoten islands

A ferry ride from Lofoten to Bodø is an experience. As you sail across the Norwegian Sea, you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the rugged coastline and the sparkling sea.

To travel from Bodø to the Lofoten Islands, you can follow these steps:

  • Head to the ferry terminal in Bodø;
  • Purchase a ticket for the ferry departing at 11:00 to Moskenes. You can find the timetables here;
  • The ferry journey takes approximately three hours and arrives in Moskenes at 14:15.

Upon reaching Moskenes, the Arctic Route will pick you up at 14:30 if you wish to go to Å I Lofoten, or at 15:00 if you prefer to travel to the east (Reine, Hamnøy, Svolvær, Narvik).

The ferry ride between Moskenes and Bodo is free for everyone (if you don’t reserve previously).

          Please be aware that to secure your ticket on the Moskenes-Bodø ferry, it is required that passengers arrive at least 45 minutes before departure. The Arctic Route arrives earliest 15 minutes before departure and cannot be held responsible for the loss of a reserved spot or any spot on the ferry.

          The operator of the Moskenes-Bodø ferry (Torghatten Nord AS) cannot guarantee the availability of spots on the ferry for pedestrians, and as a result, no reimbursement can be claimed from Arctic Route, Best Arctic, or any of their partners for costs connected to missing the ferry or a needed longer overstay in Moskenes.

For the return journey from the Lofoten Islands to Bodø, follow these steps:

  • Take a bus from Svolvær, Ramberg, Nusfjord, or Reine to the charming village of Moskenes. The bus is scheduled to arrive at 14:30 to Moskenes;
  • Board the ferry at 14:45 to make your way to Bodø. You can find more information about the ferry schedule and bookings here;
  • The ferry journey will take approximately three hours;
  • Once you arrive at Bodø quay, you’ll find convenient access to various locations:
    • The city center is just 1 kilometer away;
    • The train station is approximately 1.3 kilometers away;
    • The airport is located around 3.7 kilometers away;

Enjoy your travels to the beautiful Lofoten Islands!

Travel between Lofoten and Tromsø

The bus route between Tromsø and Lofoten takes passengers along a scenic route peppered with fjords, mountains, and charming coastal villages. The journey allows ample opportunities to take in the stunning natural beauty of the region and engage in outdoor activities like whale watching, bird watching, visiting museums, or hiking.

Travel between Lofoten and Narvik

The route between Lofoten and Narvik is equally captivating. The bus ride offers panoramic views of towering mountains and deep fjords. Upon reaching Narvik, tourists can explore the city’s rich World War II history, and enjoy its vibrant nightlife, and even take the train to Sweden.

Opening celebrations

The celebrations will kick off with a grand outdoor opening ceremony in the city’s harbor. Her Majesty Queen Sonja, the High Patron of Bodø 2024, is expected to grace the occasion. The ceremony will feature performances on a floating stage designed to withstand the Arctic weather, promising a unique cultural experience.

Highlights of Bodø 2024

Bodø 2024 will feature a diverse cultural program divided into five seasons that follow the sun’s journey through an Arctic year. Here are some highlights:

  • Here comes the Sun – This season celebrates the return of the sun after the long polar night. A series of events centered on the region’s history and the Sami culture will mark the beginning of the program year.
  • Spring optimism – Spring Optimism focuses on forward-thinking, youth, and unity. This season will feature events that nurture togetherness and reinforce the shared European identity.
  • Midsummer madness – Midsummer Madness captures the joy and excitement of summer in the Arctic. With daylight extending for 24 hours, this season is filled with outdoor activities, seafood feasts, and cultural celebrations.
  • Autumn storms – Autumn marks the return of darker nights, and the program reflects this shift. This season will feature substantial discussions and cultural events exploring European topics of significance.
  • Arctic light – The winter season in the Arctic is a time of unique natural beauty, with the Northern Lights taking center stage. The Arctic Light season will celebrate the region’s cultural diversity and unique character.

Throughout these seasons, visitors can also explore an array of artistic exhibitions, theater performances, and culinary events that highlight the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Embark on an unforgettable summer adventure along the Arctic Route and experience the rich cultural tapestry of Bodø, the European Capital of Culture 2024.

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What to do in Tromsø during April – Activities, tours and adventures

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Which museums should you visit in Tromsø?

Which museums should you visit in Tromsø?

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