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Best Arctic is Eco-Lighthouse certified – but what does this mean?

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There’s a rising tide of environmental consciousness sweeping across the globe. It’s a call to action for businesses to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to the protection of our planet. One such initiative that is helping businesses navigate this path towards sustainability is the Eco-Lighthouse certification. Best Arctic, a leading name in the tourism industry in Tromsø, is proud to be a part of this green revolution, holding the coveted Eco-Lighthouse certification.

Travelling to Tromsø, Norway with kids: No problem at all!

Coastal Scenery Safari tour with children tromsø

Tromsø, a vibrant city located above the Arctic Circle, is an ideal destination for families seeking unforgettable adventures. With its stunning natural landscapes and a range of child-friendly activities, Tromsø offers a unique experience that will captivate both kids and adults alike.

What to eat in Norway: Enjoy a gastronomic adventure

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Norway, with its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers a culinary experience like no other. From fresh seafood caught in the bountiful Norwegian waters to traditional dishes that reflect the country’s history and traditions, Norway has something to satisfy every palate.

The top 5 spots where to propose in Northern Norway

Sommarøy: The “Summer Island”

Northern Norway is a magical land, a perfect destination for a romantic getaway before to pop the question. What could be more inspiring and captivating than a proposal in one of the most picturesque and enchanting places on earth? Northern Norway is a land of Arctic wonders, where the Northern Lights dance in the sky, and the sun never sets. It’s a place where love stories are born, and where dreams come true.

The 5 best things to do in Tromsø, Norway on a rainy day

Tromsø, the charming Arctic capital of Norway, is well-known for its breathtaking views of the Northern Lights and the Midnight sun phenomenon. There are plenty of activities to enjoy during the day, even when the weather isn’t on your side. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 5 best things to do in Tromsø on a rainy day, ensuring you make the most of your visit despite the weather.

The 10 best wild camping spots in Northern Norway


Northern Norway’s untamed wilderness is one of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in the world. With its stunning fjords, towering mountains, and pristine waters, it’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

What to do in Lofoten, Norway in the summer

henningvær picture from above

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure this summer? Look no further than Lofoten, Norway. This stunning archipelago, located above the Arctic Circle, is a paradise for adventure seekers.

What to do in Vesterålen, Norway in the summertime

RIB boat with people watching orcas

Are you planning to visit the Vesterålen islands this summer and looking out for tips of what to do? Create memories with your family or friends by exploring the pristine nature of this archipelago that many people are yet to discover!