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Travel between Sweden and Norway this summer

Are you thinking of exploring Scandinavia this summer? You can travel on our daily bus route that links the Lofoten Islands to Narvik, where you can hop on the train and continue your journey into Sweden.

Traveling by train and bus

If you don’t feel like driving a car on your summer holiday or prefer travelling in a more environmentally friendly way, this is the option for you.

By combining our daily summer buses on the Arctic Route with trains operated by Vy, you can visit both Norway and Sweden on the same trip without taking any flights. Travel on the night train from Stockholm or daytime train from Kiruna, via Abisko National Park, to Narvik in Norway. When you arrive in Narvik, get on the Arctic Route hop-on/hop-off daily bus and make your way to one of Norway’s most beautiful areas: the Lofoten Islands.

Our new 4,7 or 10-day travel passes offer hassle-free travel on this beautiful route. You can hop-on and hop-off at any stop along the route and enjoy unlimited travel for the duration of your pass.

Combining the Swedish wilderness and Norwegian fjords during your summer holiday is essential for anyone who loves nature, outdoor activities and unique cultural experiences. If you want to do it in a more sustainable way, combine train and bus for a relaxing and well-planned journey.

Discover the lively urban atmosphere of Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. Travel your way up to the Arctic by night train. Visit the relocated mining city of Kiruna and experience the mines and the unique Ice Hotel. Make your way by train along the mountains and fjords on Rallarveien (The Navvy Road), one of Norway’s most scenic train journeys. Continue your journey on the reliable and safe Arctic Route bus to the heart of the mesmerising Lofoten Islands, in Norway.

When you reach the Lofoten archipelago, you can do whatever your heart desires with so many activities to choose from during the Midnight Sun season including kayaking, hiking, boat cruises, whale watching and fishing. With daylight around the clock, you have plenty of time to explore the Arctic during your summer holiday.

We have plenty of activities for you to try this summer in the Lofoten!

The many advantages of combining bus and train travel:

Travelling by train offers exclusive views of the tundra, mountains and lakes and, even more important, train travel emits lower emissions than equivalent distances by car or plane. You will stop at remote communities and train stations, only accessible to train passengers, giving you a glimpse of the distinctive Scandinavian culture and nature. Moreover, travelling on the daily Arctic Route bus service brings you to hidden gems and gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded travellers on your life-changing summer adventure in the Arctic.

You can book your train and bus tickets in advance, so your spot is secured! Furthermore, you won’t lose any sleep while travelling as there is the unique and comfortable night train from Stockholm. Another bonus is that there are no hassles related to car rental, parking spaces or driving on narrow routes. You simply need to relax and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Why Stockholm?

It’s a flourishing lively capital city with lots of history and culture to experience.

Why Narvik?

The train from Kiruna to Narvik is listed as one of Scandinavia’s most scenic train journeys. You will find this trip particularly enjoyable and magnificent. While in Narvik, visit the War Museum and get an insight into the events that occurred there during the Second World War.

Why the Lofoten Islands?

The magical combination of dramatic mountains, deep fjords and the crystal-clear waters will leave you speechless and transport you truly in Arctic heaven.

Practical information Sweden to Norway

  • Hop on the night train in Stockholm at 18:10 or 21:56. Hop off in Kiruna at 09:14 or 14:27.
  • Hop on the train to Narvik at 09:29 or 14:52 the following day. Hop off at Narvik at 12:35 or 17:43.
  • Hop on the Arctic Route bus at 08:15 and be in the heart of Lofoten at 12:20.
  • Practical information Norway to Sweden:

Visit the Lofoten area using the daily buses on Arctic Route

  • Hop on the Arctic Route bus in Lofoten at 15:25. Hop off at Narvik at 19:25.
  • Hop on the train to Kiruna (Sweden) at 10:39 or 15:11. Hop off in Kiruna at 13:49 or 17:54.
  • Hop on the night train to Stockholm at 14:06 or 18:29.
  • Hop off in Stockholm at 06:27 or 09:26.

How to book your spot for this journey?

Book your train ticket here 

Book your bus ticket here

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