Best Arctic

Symbols and different sub brands of Best Arctic

Tromsø Safari is now Best Arctic!

We are proud to announce that we rebranded to Best Arctic and have launched a new website.
CEO Jon-Erlend Alstad.

We are still the same team behind, but have expanded to new exciting destinations, with new tours in Lofoten, Senja, Lyngen and more to come!

Best Arctic is founded based upon the long and successful history of Bussring and Tromsø Safari, and we are now in the process of expanding our scope into new exciting experiences and arctic territories.

Our signature product, the Arctic Route brand (a unique network of transportation) will be the base of our operation, connecting unique, authentic, and complementary experiences across the northern territories of Norway, Sweden and Finland, helping our guests to cross-board between them.

With more than 17 years of experience in the tourism industry, we aim to inspire and offer you the best arctic experiences ever: from winter to summer, all year round, single activities, accommodation, packages, cross-border transportation, and unforgettable moments.

“I will lead a very talented group of people and we will do our best to create a direction based upon our mission: to create and deliver “life-changing experiences” from the Arctic to the world, this is “The Arctic Way” – says our Managing Director Jon-Erlend Alstad.

Our philosophy is based on maintaining our strong local connection by tight cooperation and involvement with local landowners, activity operators, guides, and other local suppliers.

We strongly believe in contributing to better tourism destinations for both our guests and the communities up north, not only today but, even more importantly, for the future. We choose to call it lasting sustainability.

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